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Chris Sawyer, the founder of The Paint Viking, started managing paint stores many years ago. Working as a manager in a paint store for so long helped him develop an intimate knowledge of paint them that most painters can only wish to achieve. This type of knowledge is absolutely key to a successful project, it starts with knowing how to do the job with artful precision.

Detailed proposals:

We know how important it is to have precise numbers and calculations for the materials we’ll need for a job. We take the time to estimate exactly which paints we would use, the quantities, and all the miscellaneous prep materials we required.

The Paint Viking is proactive in managing its projects and understands that there many types of issues that make it difficult to complete a project on time and on budget. We pride ourselves on working with our customers to ensure projects are completed on time, restrictions are met and that safety is a priority.

We make sure that businesses can continue operations and keep their daily business rolling smoothly!

Here’s a little example:

Izzio Bakery

When we painted Izzio Artisan Bakery in Louisville, the manager was concerned that we would block their shipping and receiving lanes for their delivery trucks. They could not afford to slow down production. After all, they’ve got bread to bake and deliver to 14 states around the country! We assured them it would NOT be a problem. We took extra time to coordinate their delivery times and made 100% sure there would be no downtime for them. In the end, they didn’t miss a single day of production and all the painting was done on time.

It was a win/win for everyone involved, the way it should be!


Meet Carla Wilson – Principle of Cottonwood Property Services in Brighton, CO.

Here’s what she has to say about working with us.

“I highly recommend Chris, his professionalism has always been outstanding. For example, Chris went away to Hawaii for a week on vacation knowing that I had a project that he knew I needed done within a week so the day after he return from his vacation (Saturday) he got my project DONE and my tenant was able to move in on time.

Chris always is willing to get something done on a weekend or evening if necessary to get the job done on time and he never complains about if he can get it done or not. Chris’ reliability and level of communication are outstanding and I’ve urged my landlords to work with him for this reason alone.

Chris completed 4 large buildings for us this year and we have several projects in 2016 that we plan on booking him for. Chris is not only a great person to do business with, he has become close friend over the years. He cares about his work and he takes his work to heart.”