Exterior Painting

About Our Exterior Painting Procedures:


exterior-painting-boulderProbably the single most important aspect of exterior painting , is the quality and thoroughness of preparation; readying the house surface prior to painting.

This directly affects the quality and durability of resulting exterior paint finish. A poor quality exterior painting job can require attention again in as little as 3 years; a quality job done correctly can last up to 20 years.

The Paint Viking will spend a great deal of enery on the most vital process of your Broomfield or surrounding areas exterior painting project- preparing the surface for paint. Complete and thorough preparation of the surfaces to be painted is essential to a long lasting finish coat.

Deck Staining & Restoration

redwood_deck_03Decks are a common place to gather in Colorado homes. They are areas that we can grill, socialize, enjoy Colorado’s temperate weather, and enjoy our property. As such, we take pride in our decks and wish to preserve their useful and aesthetic longevity as long as possible.

We recognize that horizontal surfaces such as exterior decks in Colorado will take the harshest treatment from our variable climate and may be the first surface to show wear. That is why we take special care to prepare decks properly and recommend and utilize the best products available to accentuate the longevity and aesthetic appeal of these exterior areas that add such enjoyment to our home.

Fence Staining

Fences are a ubiquitous part of residential living in the metro Denver area. They are made of organic material that is vulnerable to the elements, natural wear-and-tear, and human inventions such as sprinkler systems. In short, they need to be coated and protected on a regular basis.

The Paint Viking uses the best products on the market to guarantee the longest life possible for what is perhaps the least appreciated part of our property.

Wood Replacement

The Paint Viking can replace your outdated, damaged, or rotted wood as part of your painting project. Wood and wood composites are an integral component of your home’s exterior and its integrity is critical in providing for a lasting, protective casing that guards both the underlying surfaces and the interior from the elements.