Garage Floors Finish Services

Durable coatings for concrete floors!

Garage-CleanOur garage floor coatings start with detailed preparation. We prepare the surface of the concrete so the patented epoxy garage floor coating adheres to the surface and creates a remarkable bond.

With as many as 200 color choices you have the ability to create your own custom epoxy floor coating. We are committed to making your garage floor look amazing!

Epoxy flooring technology is the most advanced and long lasting floor application of its kind, say goodbye to dirty, greasy garage floors. If you live throughout Steamboat, Craig and surrounding areas, contact us for a free quote and get started today.


  • Withstands traffic
  • Dissipation of static electricity
  • Clean appearance
  • Light reflectivity
  • Eco-products available
  • Resistant to vapor transmission
  • Slip-resistance can be added
  • Easy to maintain